Bespoke ISO Management Systems to ISO 9001, 14001 & 18001

Unlike some consultancy organisations we tailor the management system to your business needs, We do not use off the shelf products as we believe that a management system is more than having the ticks in the boxes or a certificate on the wall, its about creating a collection of documents that are actively used and improved upon by all levels of the business.
We have extensive experience in building new systems, maintaining or breathing new life into existing systems in the following industries: Rail, Construction, Utilities and Waste Management. This means that we have experience in obtaining certain Approvals you may be asked for in your industrial sector, this includes Achilles UVDB Supplier accreditation in the utilities industry and Link Up qualification via audit in the Railway industry.

"Our aim is to help you not only acquire the management system certification but to keep that certificate on the wall for years to come"

We have helped a vast array of businesses from those who are self-employed to medium sized enterprises employing in excess of 350 people. Everyone receives the same level of attention and support to ensure we fulfil the needs of the business.

What are the steps?
  • Initial meeting to discuss the scope of the business operations, are you a manufacturer of products or a supplier of a service? Basic details on staffing levels, company structure, size of business, current market drivers, senior management expectations of the system and any staff training required gathered at this stage
  • Proposal submitted for your approval detailing exact itemised costs for the writing of the system and if you seek accreditation to the relevant ISO standard then these costs will be itemised separately
  • No. of on-site visits scheduled with sufficient time to both gather data on the business and to programme periodic update visits so you know exactly how the system is taking shape
  • Final roll out of the system to all applicable staff and senior management together with any staff familiarisation sessions so everyone knows exactly what the system does, where it lives and how to use it
  • Following a lead in period during which you become familiar with the new system, an internal audit is scheduled to check that all departments are complying with the relevant procedures, then on this basis a recommendation is issued to go for external ISO accreditation
What are the advantages of using SQE Solutions?
  1. We have a philsophy that the system must fit the business not the other way around
  2. Dedicated point of contact for consistency of service
  3. Staff training & briefing provided as standard so everyone is equiped with a sufficient level of knowledge on the system
  4. We listen to your needs, your expectations and keep you informed every step of the way
  5. We won't tie you down to an contract/agreement for ongoing management system audit or maintenance, we offer those services on a call-off basis for you any time you require them (subject to availability)

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