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Having a confident grasp on current Health & Safety Law and best practice is a tall order with the legal framework and expectations of customers constantly fluctuating.

Recent years have seen an increased focus on individuals being prosecuted within businesses as well as the body corporate itself. Managers and Directors are to be mindful of this when undertaking their daily duties which may impact on those who they work with and those who may be affected by any omissions or failures to act.
So, the key question is: If the Health & Safety Executive came calling tomorrow, would you be able to stand there with confidence knowing that suitable and sufficient measures have been taken to protect you and your staff or would you be dreading it?!

Real World Examples

Often it's the little things that catch you out, for example: after all the hard work has been done making an inventory of your COSHH substances and writing the assessments out;
  • What happens to the COSHH Assessments?
  • Do the people who are in the workplace actually get a comprehensive briefing on how to use the substance and what the associated hazards are?
  • Is this briefing documented and do they sign to say they have had the briefing?
  • How long before a refresher is given or they are unobtrusively monitored in the workplace to test their knowledge retention?
These types of questions and their answers will help to gauge how far along your business is towards best practice and give you an indication of where the weak spots are so that action can be taken to plug the holes.

Practical, Realistic Advice to keep you on Track

We fully understand that there are times when you want simple but effective measures that cover your legal duties, protect your staff and are readily available in the UK market. We help by finding the right safety solutions for you, help you with the implementation, and if required identifying which operational procedures will be affected by the change in the workplace and helping you make the necessary changes.

We also produce a tailor made newsletter which focuses on new legislation, recent accidents and incidents for any lessons learned and any other Safety & Environmental issues which may of relevance to your business.

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